Work that excites

Well-established enterprise IT consultancy focused on UX, CRM and mobile solutions.
10 years experience, 100 industry-savvy engineers, €5 million annual turnover.

Will you love working at Idea Port Riga?

1. Nordic Clients

You will mostly work with Nordic clients. Sometimes you will also work with clients from Latvia, Germany, Netherlands and Russia. You will need at least B1 level of English for this. We also run regular English courses with native instructors to help you. Projects are complex, and teamwork is essential. To communicate with colleagues, you will need Latvian or Russian at C2 level. German, Dutch and Nordic languages are a plus, but not required. Continue reading »

2. Development, not maintenance

You won't be trapped maintaining legacy systems. Most of our projects are new development. We choose to invest and explore new technologies over cashing in on yesterday's IT. If you are curious and hard-working, this is your opportunity to shine. Build from scratch, and build well. Continue reading »

3. People around you

Each of us has quirks, and yours are welcome. If you love well-designed software and respect your colleagues, you will be fine. We have a flat structure, focused on clear outcomes: meeting clients' needs well and in time. Our internal processes are practical and straightforward. No meetings for the sake of meetings. No pretend-work for the sake of hours. If several people feel they need to learn a new skill, we arrange a private training session. In projects, we help each other learn new things, give support and feedback. With all that, you must show initiative: your mom isn't working here. Continue reading »

4. Technology: Siebel and custom development

Half of us work with Siebel: a seasoned CRM application used by large companies. The other half develop applications in Java, .Net and Java Script. Both teams work together to provide end-to-end enterprise mobile solutions. We also consult clients in negotiations with world's biggest suppliers. This requires skills in architecture, CRM systems, custom development, and application integrations. We have a strong team that will help you learn, but we expect you to have solid skills in at least one area. Continue reading »

5. Compensation and benefits with a twist

We don't make profits. We share them with you. Every year, we distribute profits as annual bonuses to employees based on contribution. Contributors can expect to get at least 3 monthly salaries. The salary is good, you get medical insurance, and we pay your phone bills. You also get extra social protection with Mandatum Life or SEB Life insurance. This covers unlikely, unpleasant, but still probable life events. Continue reading »

6. New office close to the Dienvidu bridge in Riga

We are growing, and so is our office. During the autumn 2016, we have moved to a new office building at 91 Darzciema Street. The location is a good one for those living around or commuting by car. There is also a bus stop around the corner. There is no mall or lake nearby. But it's cozy enough inside. Our spacious kitchen gets filled with fruits, Karums, and crispy carrots every week. You can always stretch with some table tennis, pull-up bars or novuss. On sunny summer days, there is a roof terrace with grill operating every Friday. And the best? You won't be forced into one big, noisy open-space office. We have project rooms for 4-8 people each: you can work on your tasks without much distraction. Serendipity and idea bouncing happens when you want it. Continue reading »

Open positions

Our projects’ pipeline looks good. We are looking for more great teammates, who can help us in the following positions:
  • Siebel developer Read more
  • Mobile developer: Xamarin or JavaScript + Cordova Read more
  • Javascript web developer Read more
  • Senior backend developers Read more

Future opportunities

If you don’t see any current opportunities that fit your experience and education, we encourage you to follow Idea Port Riga on LinkedIn and Facebook so that when an opportunity becomes available, you’ll be one of the first to know!