Siebel Configuration Diagnostics

Find out what it takes to make your Siebel configuration future-proof. In 2 weeks.
  • Can my Siebel screens load faster?
  • Why does my vendor take days to add small features and charge thousands?
  • Can we release this into production before I retire?
These and other questions are common, but not easy to answer. Particularly, if you have no free staff with deep Siebel knowledge. We solve these issues daily, so we can give you fast and reliable initial diagnostics.

You get a review of your Siebel configuration in 2 weeks, without large investment. After the review, the decision is yours. You can address the identified issues yourself, ask your implementation partner or work with us.
All happy Siebel installations are alike. Each unhappy Siebel installation is unhappy in its own way. Our diagnostics considers your unique setup and individual needs:

Step 1. We work together to understand your situation

We work together
  • We look at how you are using the system, identify your main processes and define your business value from Siebel.
  • We review your experience with the system: what does or does not work well.
  • Together with you, we make a list of focus areas that you want us to investigate deeper. This could be:
    • Slow performance for particular screens or processes
    • Long development times or too many regression defects for particular areas
    • Poor functionality that is inconvenient to use or hard to maintain

Step 2. Our experts do a comprehensive review

Our experts
We run automated scripts and collect items in over 30 areas:
  • Script errors and deviations from best practices.
  • Configurations that can lead to memory leaks and crashes.
  • Inefficient performance in database and business layers.

Step 3. We dig deep into your most painful issues

Painful issues
Our experts go through every step in your unique focus areas and find possibilities to optimize your system. We give you a report on all issues and occurrences that you may want to fix.

Step 4. Final review meeting

Final review meeting
We discuss our recommendations and answer all your questions face-to-face. You walk out with a clear action plan to address your concerns, improve your system's delivery speed and quality.
Here is what you get: In two weeks, you get your own Siebel fitness plan. You will know what exactly is causing the issues, what problems can be solved with minimal, medium and major effort. Then you take your Siebel to the gym: we can explain your needs to your current Siebel supplier or bring Siebel back in shape for you.
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