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61% of companies say enterprise mobility is their competitive advantage.
64% of employees say they hardly ever use their enterprise mobile apps.
Will your app take off?
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Well-established enterprise IT consultancy focused on CRM and mobile solutions.
10 years experience, 100 industry-savvy engineers, €5 million annual turnover.
Enterprise apps that work Enterprise apps that work Most mobile apps have a good business case, but fail because nobody is using them. We know how to fix this: we start with your users and make sure your app solves their daily challenges. Adoption is the driving force of profitable enterprise mobility.
End-to-end mobile solutions End-to-end mobile solutions Enterprise mobile apps use REST services to work with your backend systems. To make these interactions fast and secure, you will need a strong middleware integration tier. One must know mobile development, API and integrations management, as well as backend CRM to build a good enterprise mobile app. We have mastered them all.
CRM experts on your team CRM experts on your team We have dealt with the most confusing Siebel CRM and implementations. If anyone tells you something is impossible, come to us. Mobile apps run on top of backend systems and cannot work well without adjustments to your backend. We help your CRM talk to your mobile apps.
Optimal tech, optimal budget Optimal tech, optimal budget We use Xamarin or JavaScript + Cordova for mobile app development. These technologies ensure optimal usability while keeping a single code base. For you this means smaller budgets for development, updates and maintenance.
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How we can help you
1 Start Planning your new enterprise mobile app project? Start We can define how the app will make your company and mobile employees happier. Let's talk
2 Build Need a solution design and start coding the app? We help you pick and choose, design and build all vital mobile solution’s elements. Let's talk
3 Release About to go in production, but worried about a few support questions? Release We help you track app performance and assist your users. Let's talk
Getting started with your enterprise mobile app project?
High expectations. Pressure from the management. Clutter in your mind, chaos in your team. Frantic googling of best practices. It's okay. We’ve all done our first mobile enterprise app.
Building your app the right way
Building your app the right way The googling has paid off. Every team member now has an opinion. They are actively debating the details:
  • How do we access internal systems from our app securely?
  • Should we code our app from scratch or buy a pre-built solution?
  • Will the data sync fast enough?
  • How do we integrate with all our backend systems?
  • Will it scale?

But are these the right questions?

Pause. Step back. Sure, building your app the right way is important. But are you building the right app?
Building the right app You don’t need an enterprise app just because it’s shiny. Only apps that bring your company profit are worth building. So you gather a bunch of process experts. They identify 18 process optimizations that will make you money. All good? No.

Don't rush into development just yet. Process experts assume that your employees will use the app, but will they?

You could force them to use your CRM or ERP. Mobile apps are optional. According to SAP, employees abandon 78% of enterprise mobile apps after first use. Think: will your employees love you for these 18 new processes?

Be honest. Remember: If the app does not resonate with your users, they will stick to the old ways and your project will flop.
Building the right app
Get results with your enterprise mobile apps
Get results with your enterprise mobile apps We see great and boring enterprise apps every day. We want yours to be great. So here's the gist of what we know about mobile apps that gain traction with users.

Use this guide as a practical tool for building the right app in the right way.

What’s inside:
  • 5-min test: What are your chances to succeed?
  • 8 worksheets: How to make the app your users will love?
  • 5-min list: How to stay ahead of the game?

You can build a great enterprise mobile app. Start here: Get our step-by-step Mobile Guide
What if you spent $100k on enterprise app but nobody is using it? 63% of businesses consider enterprise mobility one of the greatest factors for their competitiveness. Meanwhile, according to SAP, 78% of enterprise apps are abandoned after first use. What’s going on? While building a practical guide to get results from enterprise mobility, we had to explore the true reasons behind this anomaly.
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How to make employees use my enterprise mobile app? Employees don’t take your mobile app seriously. What to do? We already explored main reasons why enterprise apps fail. Mostly, because there is no pressure, no emotion and no rationale for employees to use the app. Often, there is also no sufficient IT support for mobile users.
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How to select your CRM mobile app Among the different enterprise systems, CRM is a likely candidate for getting a mobile app. The reason is simple: sales people and service technicians are the ones who spend a considerable amount of time away from their desks and at the same time strongly rely on the information and functions provided by enterprise systems. Given that your CRM users express the wishes for the mobile app, what options do you have and how to you make your choice?
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How to better sell and service construction equipment In September we met a CEO of a mid-sized construction retailer branch. He was stressed. Employees were driving around client sites, not sharing information, taking notes and losing them. He asked them to use a CRM. They tried but complained that laptops were heavy, internet slow and the information was not up to date anyway.
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How to make a call center more efficient Day 1. We enter a large call center. Agents are answering calls, entering data into systems and taking notes on paper. We are here to understand how to make their work with CRM system more efficient.
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